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Facial Massage and Skin Care

Our estheticians, also known as your skin care therapist, use Eminence Organic Skin Care products for your facial massages to deliver a delicate treat to your skin.

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, skin with redness, brown spots or skin irritations, we truly believe in our facial massage techniques that they will provide the best solution to any skin care problems you may have.

At Kneaded Tranquility, we're excited to be able to relieve any stress your skin may be going through, or that you are experiencing and hope to see you soon!

If you do not see the facial massage treatment you're looking for, please send a message and we will be happy to help.

Facial Massage

Hungarian Facials Massage

The Hungarian facial massage experience is customized specifically to the needs of your skin. Throughout your facial massage you will experience an organic skin care cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove any remaining impurities. Then, we will provide you with an invigorating facial massage with steam and a face mask. At the end of your Hungarian Facial Massage your esthetician will finish with moisturizing products. 

Relaxing Facial

Age Corrective Facial Massage

Our Age Corrective Facial Massage is specifically designed to correct the any signs of aging and help rejuvenate the skin. Experience immediate and lasting anti-aging results from an exclusive and clinically-proven Natural Retinol Alternative. This organic retinol alternative boosts collagen and improves skin elasticity which results in a more plump and firm skin that acts naturally ageless.

vitamin c.jpg

Vitamin C Facial Massage

This is one of the best facial massages one can receive! The potential benefits your face can receive from vitamin C are endless! But, we have noticed this with our organic facial massage vitamin c products: diminishing effects of age spots, radiant facial complexion, smoother skin, restoration of lost collagen and reduction in wrinkles.

From organic citrus and kale, this facial massage's abundant dose of soothing vitamin C helps brightens skin, lightens dark spots, clarifies and evens complexion.

Relaxing Facial

Problem/Acne Facial Massage

This is not just a troubled area for teens, but people of all ages deal acne and it can be troublesome to find out what is causing it. At Kneaded Tranquility, this Acne Facial Massage provides for you a time where your estheticians will identify and specifically address the underlying cause of the problem rather of the acne. We believe in providing solutions rather than simply concealing it.


This facial massage is full of antioxidants & natural ingredients from Hungary which combines to help enrich and regenerate the epidermal layers that can so often be the cause of problem.

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