Massage Specials

Our massage specials at Kneaded Tranquility have been gathered together below because we have noticed how they are enjoyed!


These massage specials are great for people who are new to our facility and for those who are new to therapeutic massage.

Take a look below to choose from the massage specials to see if they are something that you too would like to experience. 

Massage Special 1 -
1 Hour Swedish Massage

Introductory Rate - $50

As an introduction to Swedish Massage, we suggest an approximate of about 1 hour.


We will walk you through each muscle group that your body needs relief and we focus entirely on areas that are causing you trouble. 

Massage Special 2 -
90 Minute Massage

Introductory Rate - $75

Our General Massage focuses on relaxation and serenity.


We hone in on where your muscles may be holding on to stress and we focus on gently removing any tightness to give you complete relief. 

Masage Special 3 -
Thai Massage
60/90 Min Massage

Introductory Rate - $65/$100

In the Pittsburgh area, there aren't many massage therapy clinics that focus on Thai massage.


With this is mind, we take you through gentle stretching and centering your thoughts in this introduction to Thai massage.