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Massage Party

A group of women laying on the ground laughing.

You're familiar with the other parties...Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Jamberry...Why not try something new?!

Host a Massage Party!

Massage Parties are ideal for people who love new and innovative ideas. It's simple to do...just get a group of 5 or more friends together who want to enjoy each others company and relax.

There are 2 ways to host a party either book at our location or we will come to your location.


Call Kneaded Tranquility to schedule and plan your massage party at 412-932-5535.

Decide whether you want to offer chair massage or table massage. 

Mail/email guests invitations with as much notice as possible.  Make sure you keep track of RSVP's, etc. Please confirm number of guests with your massage therapist the day before your event.


Please allow up to three (3) hours for your massage party (2-hour minimum). The first few minutes or so are informative, but the rest of the time is spent socializing and enjoying the benefits of massage! A combination of chair and table massages can be provided with advanced scheduling.


An area or room separate from your guests will be required for the individual massages. All equipment and linens will be provided by the massage therapist.


You decide your refreshments menu. It is requested that you do not provide hard alcohol to your guests prior to or during the massage portion of your event as this is contraindicated with massage.

Allow 30 to 45 minutes for setup prior to the arrival of your guests.

As a Massage Party Hostess/Host:

Automatically receive $20 off your next massage for hosting a massage  party (minimum of 5 guests).  *Offer not to be combined with other discounts or specials.

Guest Benefits:

Massage Party Guests receive discounted massage rates at the party.  ($10 off your first session if scheduled the day of the party. Offer not to be combined with any other specials or discounts. Offer may become invalid if you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24-hour notice.) 

Relax and enjoy the benefits of massage!


PAYMENT - We accept cash or credit card only on the day of your event.  Please have correct change where possible. 


Inclement Weather Policy:  In the event of inclement or severe weather, your event may be rescheduled at the combined discretion of the Massage Therapist and the event Hostess/Host.  

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